OUHSC Biosafety Protocol Submission and Forms

You may access TOPAZ Elements at the following URL: http://topaz.ouhsc.edu/topazelements.



Requirements to log into Topaz Elements:

  1. For setup instructionsTOPAZ ELEMENT ACCESS
    • Note: Your name must be added to the Access Group.  For access, please fill out the TOPAZ Access Form.
  2. A Silverlight compatible browser.

Note: If you are off campus, a VPN connection must also be made to connect.ouhsc.edu . For OUHSC VPN client, click here: https://www.ouhsc.edu/teachanywhere/Help/Secure-Access


Safari 12 no longer supports Silverlight. MacOS Mojave 10.14 uses Safari 12 by default. Since TOPAZ Elements still uses Silverlight for parts of the application, please contact IBC@ouhsc.edu for instructions.  TOPAZ plans on releasing a Silverlight-free version of the IACUC and IBC protocol modules. When this happens, you will be able to access TOPAZ Elements Protocol section from any browser.

 If you are able to log into Elements but do not see any menu options, please contact the IBC office at IBC@ouhsc.edu for assistance.


Miscellaneous Forms