Protocol Form


Animal Use Protocol Form - Click the link below:

Instructions for completing the Animal Use Protocol

Complete protocol form and submit to IACUC Chair (iacuc@ou.edu). For all protocols, make sure that Sections 1-4 and Sections 6-10 are complete. 

For studies that employ hazardous agents, pathogenic, zoonotic or recombinant organisms, infectious agents or radioactive substances, also complete Section 5 (as relevant). 

If applicable, submit approval forms from IBC or Radiation Safety Committee.

If applicable, submit a copy of Scientific Collecting Permit.

Make sure all personnel have completed training and submit verification thereof. Training must be completed every 3 years. Verification includes the following 3 items: 

1) Copy of Certificate (pdf) for successful completion of the AALAS Training Module “Working with the IACUC”.

2) Copy of Certificate for successful completion of AALAS Species-specific Training Module (if working with laboratory animals) 


  Signed statement that personnel have read and understand appropriate Guidelines for use of vertebrates in field research.

3) Statement from Principal Investigator that all personnel involved in the project have read and understand the Laboratory-specific Risk Assessment. Individual personnel must be named in the statement.

Make sure that all personnel involved in the project have read the Occupational Health and Safety Program for Working with Animals (OHSPWA) and have signed the protocol form (Section 10). Personnel are only responsible for sections of the OHSPWA that are relevant to the project in which they are involved.