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EHSO Safety Training

Who is required to take it: All OUHSC, OU-Tulsa, and OU employees (full time/part time/temporary/remote)

How often: Annually

All EHSO and Biosafety training is held on the University learning management system (OnPoint).  You can log in directly to the OnPoint LMS and click on "Required Training" or "View Training History" at any time to review your training records.  Environmental Health and Safety training designations are housed in University PeopleSoft systems and can only be changed by Departmental Payroll Coordinators.   Contact your Departmental Payroll Coordinator or ePAF Preparer if EHSO training designations need to be added or removed.

You will automatically be assigned when your training is due and once your department has indicated that it is required for your position.  No action is required until you receive a course enrollment notification email from OnPoint.

Non-Employee Student related training:

Some programs have made arrangements with OnPoint for their students to receive student training assignments. Students should log into Onpoint as above and click on Required Training or View Training History to view their training compliance.  Any questions regarding student training should be directed to your program director/instructor.

OnPoint can be accessed from either of the addresses listed below: or

Frequently Asked Questions

An explanation of required training modules can be found on the Human Resources site here.

Contact the following with questions regarding training:

Oklahoma City EHSO 405/271-3000
Tulsa EHSO 918/660-3878
Norman EHSO 405/325-5147