OU requires that every employee complete annual safety training for the types of work performed.  Laboratory Safety (required for all laboratory personnel) and General Biosafety training are required for all personnel identified on any IBC protocol. Bloodborne Pathogen training is required for working with human cell lines.


Required Training or View Training History at any time to review your training records.Questions regarding your training requirements and assignments should be directed to your payroll coordinator or supervisor.  Contact your Departmental Payroll Coordinator or ePAF Preparer if EHSO training designations’ need to be added or removed.


At this time, additional training for biosafety work with animals is not available and will not be required.



Non-Employee related training for students will be available in OnPoint by clicking on the “Library” tab at the top of the page. 

OnPoint can be accessed from either of the addresses listed below or

Viral Vector Training:  All protocol associates including the PI must the complete the Risk Assessment and other relevant Viral Vector training.