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Active IRB Members

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IRB Membership

What is the IRB Member's Role?

OUHSC IRBs are charged with the review and oversight of human subjects research. OUHSC IRBs oversee human research on the Oklahoma City campus as well as for HSC programs on the Tulsa campus. We also provide IRB services to community partners, including Dean McGee Eye Institute, OU Health, and VA Health Care Systems in OKC and Muskogee. 

IRB members play an essential role in the review process and bring diverse backgrounds and expertise to the review and research applications. The board member review discussion is focused on making sure the study design and procedures meet a set of regulatory critiera required for IRB approval. These criteria ensure the rights, privacy, and welfare of participants will be protected in the research. In short, the criteria members assess are:

  • Research design is sound and reasonable to answer the research question
  • Risks to participants are minimized
  • Risks to participants are reasonable in relation to expected benefits
  • Selection of participants is equitable
  • Informed consent is obtained or appropriately waived from all participants
  • Informed consent is documented or documentation is appropriately waived
  • The protocol includes a plan for data and safety monitoring
  • The participants' privacy and confidentiality are protected
  • Additional safeguards are provided when necessary for participants vulnerable to coercion and undue influence

Educational Videos About IRBs

How IRBs Protect Participants:  Learn more about what is an IRB and how IRBs protect individuals who participate in research. 

Membership Requirements for IRBs

Become an IRB Member!

The HRPP is currently recruiting new IRB members, including community members! 

In compliance with federal regulations, OUHSC IRB membership is diverse with respect to scientific background and expertise, gender, race, ethnicity, and affiliation. Each IRB includes members who:

  • have training in scientific fields (such as pharmacy, nursing, pediatrics, cardiology, etc.)
  • do not have a scientific background or training (such as chaplains, lawyers, etc.)
  • are OUHSC faculty and/or staff (aka, affiliated)
  • are OU Health, Dean McGee, or VA Health Care System staff
  • are not affiliated with OU, OU Health, Dean McGee, or the VA (better known as Community Members

What does "Affiliated" mean

Affiliated means an individual is either employed by OU, OU Health, the VA, or Dean McGee Eye Institute, or the individual is related to a person who is employed at one of those institutions. 

What does "Non-Scientist" mean?

Non-scientist means an individual does not have training in a scientific field. These members may or may not be affiliated with or employed at OU, OU Health, the VA, or Dean McGee Eye Institute.

What is a "Community Member"

Community members are individuals who are non-scientific and do not have an affiliation with OU, OU Health, the VA, or Dean McGee Eye Institute. Community Members are critical to the mission and success of IRBs as they provide the perspective of research participants in the review of research studies. There must be a community member at every IRB meeting. 

If you or someone you know might be interested in serving on an IRB, complete the interest form on this page and we will be in touch with you soon!