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Cameron Researcher Information

Information for Cameron University Researchers

The University of Oklahoma’s Norman Campus IRB is also the IRB of record for our affiliates:

  • Cameron University
  • Rogers State University

The University of Oklahoma will provide each Affiliate Researcher with an OU Affiliate Exception Account User ID for accessing the OU IRB’s electronic submission system (iRIS).

The following section will provide information specific to those researchers who need to obtain an OU Affiliate Exception Account User ID (also known as an “OU 4x4”):

Instructions for Obtaining an OU 4x4 for iRIS Access

To obtain an OU 4x4 account, Cameron University researchers will need to send an email request to the OU IRB Administrative Assistant, Shelly Smith, at In the email, please include the following information:

  • Valid Cameron University email address
  • Full Name: (first, middle initial, and last name)
  • Date of Birth: (month/day/year)
  • Status: Cameron University Student or Faculty

Our office will submit the researcher’s information to the University of Oklahoma’s Information Technology department to request an OU Affiliate Account. Please be aware that this process may take up to a week to fully process!

Once the OU4x4 account has been created, the researcher will receive an email from Shelly with instructions. Included in this email will be the researcher’s new OU 4x4, which is the username needed for logging into  iRIS: Along with the OU 4x4 account, you will be given a temporary password with detailed instructions on how to log in and set up a new password.

Designated Cameron University Representative:
John Geiger, Ph.D. - Department of Psychology: 

If you would like more information about obtaining an OU Affiliate Exception Account User ID (OU 4x4), please contact Shelly Smith, the Administrative Assistant for the IRB/HRPP, Norman Campus.

OU IRB/HRPP Office Hours on the Cameron University Campus

OU IRB/HRPP offers office hours on the Cameron University campus to assist with questions about the IRB process, provide submission help, and conduct training sessions.

Training Instructions

For more information on the application process, please click on the following links:

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