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How to Submit a Full Study Application

When you are ready to submit your application and study documents, follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into iRIS ( with your OU 4x4 and password.
  2. Click “Create a New Study” under the Featured Study Operations label on the left.
  3. Select the "Norman Campus Application" button. If you are wanting to submit a request for OU to defer to another institution's IRB, see the guidance on "How to Submit a Deferral Request."
  4. Respond to the questions in Sections 1-3.
  5. In Section 4.0, select the "Study Application/Research Application" option and save and continue.
  6. Continue through the different sections, answering all questions provided. 
  7. Section 800 is the final section of the application. Save and continue past this page to access the upload screens. 
  8. The first upload screen provides you an opportunity to revise your application, if needed. You may click the Edit/View button to make these changes. Make sure you save each section after making the changes. Save and Continue past Section 800 to return to this upload screen. If you do not need to make any additional changes to your application, click the "Save and Continue” button and progress below. 
  9. The next section gives you an opportunity to upload any consent forms you may have. Please refer to the Application Forms section for our consent templates. When you are ready to upload, click the gray bar in that section to "Add a New Consent." 
  10. Select the second option to "Add an informed consent from an existing electronic document you already have." Click "Next Screen" to move into the upload screen.
  11. Complete the text fields and click Browse to find your consent form or you can drag and drop the file into the box. Click "Save Consent" to attach the document.
  12. If you have additional consent forms to upload, click the "Add a New Consent" button and return to step 10. If you do not have any additional consent forms to upload, continue below.
  13. Click the "Save and Continue" button to move into the next section. This is where you will upload your remaining study documents. See the list below for examples of the types of forms that may be needed.
  14. Click the "Add Multiple Documents" button.
  15. Complete the fields for as many documents as you have to upload. If you need additional rows, click the "Add a New Record(s)" button to add five new rows. NOTE: You do not have to use all of the rows. You may leave them blank. 
  16. When all documents have been selected in the Browse button(s), click the "Save Documents" button to attach them to the submission. 
  17. Click the "Save and Continue" button to access the final screen. 
  18. If you are ready to submit the application materials to the IRB for review, click the "Signoff and Submit" button and continue below. If you need to make additional changes or would like your faculty sponsor to look over your submission, click the "Exit Form" button and it will remain in "Draft" status.
  19. A sign-off screen will load after a few seconds. You should see all of your documents listed on the screen. Click the "Approve" button to indicate your approval of the sign-off. Input your 4x4 and password. Select "Save Signoff" to complete the submission. This will now route the application materials to our queue for processing. 

Review this list of possible study documents and consider whether any of the following apply. If they do, you will need to upload them to Section 3.0 of the upload screens (Step 13 above). 

  • Student as Principal Investigator form: Required if Principal Investigator is a graduate student. If so, you must also list your Faculty Sponsor in questions 3.3 and 3.4 of the application.
  • Advertisements/Recruitment Materials (including any phone, verbal, and/or media scripts, email, flyers, etc.)
  • Data Collection Instruments (including surveys, questionnaires, interview questions, focus group questions, observation protocol, etc.)
  • Grant application
  • Research Privacy (HIPAA) form(s)
  • Letters of support (from outside entities)
  • Outside IRB approval letter(s)
  • Letter of cultural appropriateness for international studies
  • Deception debriefing form
  • Translator statement
  • Transcription agreement
  • Conflict of Interest Management Plan
  • Department of Defense Documentation
  • Funding Statement of Work
  • Restricted Data Use Agreement
  • Alternate CITI Training Documentation for Non-OU Collaborator(s)
  • Any other study document not included in this list