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New Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the University of Oklahoma!

The Office of Human Research Participant Protection (HRPP) and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) look forward to working with you to approve your research projects that include human participants. The HRPP/IRB is a university-wide integrated office with the Organizational Official overseeing the HRPP program at all campuses.  Please refer to the  HRPP Organizational Chart for more information. 

To assist you in the transition to our University, we are providing resource materials and reference links. Our staff is also happy to meet with you one on one to discuss your project and to guide you in preparing and submitting the materials for IRB review.

  • Policies – All research involving the collection of data about living individuals through intervention or interaction or by collection of those individuals’ private identifiable information is reviewed by OU’s IRB. Please review:  SOP 401: Research Exempt from IRB ReviewSOP 402: Expedited Review; and SOP 403: Initial Review - Criteria for IRB Approval
  • Determination of Human Research – The OU IRB has a process for determining whether your project needs IRB review. You just complete a Determination of Human Subjects Worksheet and submit to the IRB who will provide a formal response. Please review:  SOP 406: Determination of Human Research. Click  HERE for instructions on completing this form. 
  • Funding – We also have a protocol development approval for researchers who have funding that can be used to develop the research protocol and data collection instruments. After review, the IRB will issue a protocol development letter for the researcher in order to have external funding released from the Office of Research Services (ORS).  Click  HERE for instructions on completing this form. 
  • Education – All personnel engaged in human participant research must complete the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) online education course. Please refer to the  Required Education & Optional Training page for more information regarding CITI.
  • Classroom-based Research Projects – Research activities that are a course requirement and are being conducted for the purpose of learning research skills as a course assignment only,  are not required to be submitted for review/approval to the IRB, if they do not include vulnerable populations or involve elevated levels of risk. Please refer to the  Classroom-Based Research Projects page for more information. 
  • Collaborative Research – If an OU researcher is collaborating with an individual from another institution or organization outside of OU, please contact the HRPP office to discuss further. Please review:  SOP 602 G:  IRB of Record.
  • Special Populations – The IRB gives special consideration to vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, prisoners, pregnant women and research studying an American Indian Tribe. Please review:  SOP: 501 Special Populations.
  • International Research – Research conducted in foreign countries must provide the same or equivalent protections to the rights and welfare of participants as research conducted in the United States. Please review:  SOP 502K: International Research.
  • Internet/Social Media-Based Research – When conducting this kind of research, there are additional considerations related to the protection of human research participants regarding identity and data security that must be addressed. Please review:  SOP 502L: Internet/Social Media-Based Research.
  • Investigator Manual/Qualifications – There are certain qualifications and responsibilities as a principal researcher and key personnel for those engaged in research involving human participants. At OU, the IRB allows graduate students on the Norman campus to serve as principal investigators. There is also a manual available for researchers designed to provide more information and assistance for those conducting human participant research. Please review:  SOP 801: Researcher Qualifications and Responsibilities and SOP 801A: Investigator Manual.
  • Non-compliance/Scholarly Misconduct – The IRB is responsible for assuring that research is conducted according to the applicable laws, federal regulations, and OU IRB policies.  If allegations are brought forward, the IRB must investigate these allegations and report these violations as necessary. The IRB outlines its process on handling these allegations in  SOP 903: Non-Compliance/Scholarly Misconduct

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