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Are You Collecting Data From Living Individuals?

What you can expect from this situation?

If you plan to publish this as research, this is the generic research application process. You will also need to look at the questions #7 – 15 in this series of guidance to find out what additional steps may be involved in your research application process.

What steps will you take during this process?

Please refer to the How to Submit a New Study Application page for more information.

Do you need to complete CITI Training?

Yes. All personnel who are responsible for recruiting, consenting, gathering identifiable data or having access to identifiable research records should be listed as Key Study Personnel (section 3.0 of the application) and will need to complete the CITI training. Click here for a link to the website:

Click here for instructions on Registering for a New Account or Adding your OU Affiliation to an Existing Account

What else do you need to submit with your application?

You may be required to upload the following documents:

  1. Student as Principal Investigator form (for graduate students wishing to serve as Principal Investigator)
  2. Recruitment materials
  3. Data collection instruments
  4. Site support letters
  5. Other IRB approval letters
  6. Grant application
  7. Statement of Work for funding
  8. Consent documents: Always use the most recent template version of these documents.
    1. Assent documents (Participants 17 years or younger)
    2. Signed Consent document (Participants 18 years or older). Include all appropriate check-off boxes found in the template.
    3. Unsigned Consent documents (Participants 18 years or older)
    4. Parental Permission form

A list of these documents are within iRIS and you will be prompted to upload them after you complete the application.