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Are You Recruiting OU Students for Your Research Population? Are They Students From Your Own Class?

What you can expect from this situation?

If you plan to use OU students that are part of a departmental research pool, contact your departmental research coordinator for information about uniform standards in OU IRB applications.

If students are in your class, you may need to include another researcher who can recruit, consent, and gather data so that you will not be aware of which students are participating. Please see the " Research Involving Students in Your Classroom" guidance page for more information. 

What steps will you take during this process?

  1. Determine who would be able to assist you in blind recruitment and data collection. List this person as a sub-investigator and designate their roles and responsibilities (sections 3.0 and 250 of the application). 
  2. Arrange for the data to be kept secure without access for you (or the course instructor) until after the grades have been posted.
  3. Contact the IRB office (405-325-8110) for suggestions on how other OU researchers have handled this process to avoid undue influence for students who may choose to participate.

Do you need to complete CITI Training?

Yes. You, your faculty sponsor (if applicable), and anyone listed as key study personnel in section 3.0 of the application must complete CITI training. You may still submit your study application documents before training is complete, but you must complete the training before the study can be approved. Click here for a link to the website:

What else do you need to submit with your application?

Complete the online application and upload the appropriate documents as described on the How to Submit a Full Study Application page. You will upload these documents after completing the online application.

  • Be sure to include Alternate Assignments on the Consent Documents. Also, indicate any course credit, extra credit, monetary compensation, or raffle entries on the Consent Document.
  • OU-NC IRB requires that class credit for any research participation that exceeds one credit hour be pro-rated.