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How-To Instructional Guide

Do you need guidance on completing certain activities or submitting particular forms within the online submission system?

Click one of the links below for instructions.

  1. Protocol Development form (funded studies only)
  2. Determination of Human Research Worksheet
  3. Full Study Application
  4. Continuing Review
  5. Annual Check-In Form
  6. Final Closure Request
  7. Modification
    1. Adding or Removing Key Study Personnel (KSP)
  8. Protocol Deviation
  9. Unanticipated Problem
  10. Deferral Request (for OU to defer IRB review to an outside institution)
  11. Respond to Stipulations
  12. Find Stamped Consent Form
  13. Find Approval/Closure Letter

In addition, there are certain situations that may apply to your research design.

Click on one of the following questions that best describes your research.

  1. Did you get funding and are now finishing your research design or creating your data collection instruments?
  2. Are you using an existing dataset that is de-identified?
  3. Does your study involve participants with a diagnosed medical condition, or require invasive testing?
  4. Are you conducting journalistic reporting or documenting personal histories?
  5. Is this a classroom project? Are you going to publicly present your findings?
  6. Are you collecting data from living individuals?
  7. Are you a graduate student?
  8. Are you using OU students in your research population? Are they students from your own class?
  9. Are you working with a vulnerable populations (children, elderly, prisoners, pregnant women, decisionally or psychologically impaired individuals)?
  10. Does your research involve a Department of Defense (DoD) organization or unit? Are you supported or funded by the DoD?
  11. Will you conduct research in another country?
  12. Are you working with other researchers, not affiliated with OU?
  13. Are you gaining access to restricted-use data?
  14. Are you a non-OU researcher, seeking to recruit from OU?
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