Research Involving Human Participants

Required Education



IRB In-House Education Program

  • The In-House Program is offered six times each year on the Oklahoma City campus, with videoconference to OUHSC-Tulsa.
  • The program begins promptly at 8:30am and ends at 1:00pm.
  • The program provides a comprehensive review of research topics including ethics, IRB submission process, HIPAA, IT security, informed consent, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and more.
  • Registration is required to attend the program.



1/22/2018 Announcement:    

Effective January 9, 2018, attending the IRB In-House Program in person will no longer be mandatory for residents, students, and fellows. As an alternative to this training, residents, students, and fellows can elect to complete a web-based version of the IRB In-House Program via D2L.

  • Completion of the D2L training is required prior to approval of research or modifications to add new key study personnel, which is the same for CITI training requirement. 
  • Residents, students, and fellows should email the HRPP office at to register for the D2L course.
  • Faculty and staff will continue to follow the current training requirements by attending the in-person IRB In-House Program.

Please contact the HRPP office at or 405-271-2045 if you have any questions or comments regarding these changes. 



Program Schedule & Materials


**You will need a copy of the handouts to follow along with each presentation.
  • You can either follow along on your laptop or tablet; OR 
  • You can print the handouts, Written Attestation, and other materials and bring them to the program with you.
  • CLICK HERE to access program materials for February 20.   




Register for the IRB In-House Program

  • Complete the registration form and submit by email.
  • The form will NOT forward to the IRB if you are using an Apple computer
  • February 8, 2016 Update: Please use Internet Explorer or Chrome to complete and submit the registration form. The form does not work if you are in Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, as stated above, the form will not forward to the IRB if you use Safari. Please follow the "Additional Registration Method" below if you do not have access to Internet Explorer or Chrome.




Email the IRB office at and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Position (student, staff, faculty, resident, etc.)
  • Phone number
  • Registration date
  • Campus you will attend: OKC or Tulsa


Confirm Your Program Registration

You can now verify your own registration! Follow the steps below to confirm your registration was received and processed:

  • Login to iRIS
  • Click on the My Assistant Tab
  • Click on My Account Information
  • Select Education History from the menu on the left side of your screen
  • The IRB Program will be listed here if your registration has been completed.

Please allow 3-5 business days to complete your registration and enter it into iRIS.

NOTE: The IRB does not send registration confirmation emails.