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The purpose of this web page is to provide information about research. By reviewing the world history of human experimentation, one can understand the basis for the creation of federal regulations. Education regarding research is necessary in order to promote a healthy relationship between investigators and research participants. Finally, this site is designed to inform the research participant about the Institutional Review Board; a board designed to protect and advocate for the research participant.

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» Who Do I Contact With Questions?

There are two (2) campus IRB offices at the University of Oklahoma: OU-Norman and OUHSC in OKC.  

If you would like to offer suggestions regarding the human research protection program or would like to obtain information, you are encouraged to contact the campus-appropriate Director of the Office of Human Research Participant Protection (HRPP): 



If you have:

  • Questions about your rights as a research participant
  • Questions regarding a research study
  • Concerns or complaints about the research
  • Experienced a research-related injury

You should contact the research investigator. Information for the investigator will be located in the Informed Consent Document when you volunteer to participate in a research study. This document will have the Study Title on the front page, along with a description of the study. Towards the back of the document, there will be a heading "Whom Do I Call if I Have Questions or Problems?" In this section, the name of the investigator will be listed, along with a telephone number and/or email address.

If you:

  • Cannot reach the investigator, or
  • Wish to discuss your questions or concerns with someone other than the investigator

You are encouraged to contact the Director of the Office of Human Research Participant Protection (HRPP) using the contact information listed above. Please include the IRB number, study title, and investigator name (if possible). Based on the content of your communication, your comments or concerns will be appropriately directed. Please remember, our primary purpose is to protect participants involved in research.

If you are considering becoming a research participant and:

  • Would like to discuss any concerns about volunteering to participate in a research study, or
  • Have any questions about becoming a research participant

You are invited to contact the HRPP Director using the contact information above. 

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