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The University of Oklahoma has been fully accredited by AAHRPP since 2007.

AAHRPP Accreditation demonstrates the University's commitment to the most comprehensive protections for human research participants as well as the highest quality and ethically sound research. 


Human Research Participant Protection (HRPP)

The OU HRPP is committed to upholding the highest ethical, safety, and quality standards in research involving human participants at OU and its affiliates. The HRPP provides support, guidance, and resources to investigators, research teams, the IRBs, and research participants through education, quality improvement, and participant outreach programs. 

The HRPP oversees and provides support to Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) on the Norman Campus (NC) and at the Health Sciences Center (HSC). The Schusterman Campus in Tulsa also falls under the purview of both the NC and HSC IRBs, based primarily on the academic department. The IRBs are charged with reviewing all human subject research protocols in accordance with federal regulations, state laws, and OU policies and procedures to ensure the rights, privacy, and welfare of all human participants are protected. 

Do I Submit to the OUHSC IRB or to the Norman Campus IRB?

Investigators should submit application materials to the IRB on the campus of their academic program. The Norman and OUHSC IRBs maintain agreements allowing OUHSC IRB to review biomedical research conducted by Norman researchers because all medical, clinical, FDA-regulated, and VA studies involving human participants is reviewed by the OUHSC IRB. It is important to note that each campus IRB has specific requirements and processes, including different templates. Investigators may contact their campus IRB office prior to preparing application and study materials if there is a question about which IRB should be used. 

Click the appropriate campus IRB below or in the left menu to access key resources including campus-specific templates, board meeting schedules, Board rosters, and more