When you are uncertain about whether your project/study requires IRB review and approval, we require that you submit a "Determination of Human Research Worksheet" through the iRIS system. Instructions for submitting the form are noted below.

  1. Log into iRIS (
  2. Click “Add a New Study” under the Study Assistant tab on the left. Choose the "Norman Campus Application" option.
  3. Respond to the questions in Sections 1-3.
  4. In Section 4.0, select the "Determination of Human Subjects Research Worksheet" option and save and continue.
  5. Select the grey bar that says: "Click here to start this form."
  6. Respond to the questions in this form, using the “Save and Continue to the Next Section” button to move through the questions.
  7. At the end of the form, select either the "Exit Form" or "Close Form" button. This will take you back into the original application.
  8. Click the “Save and Continue to the Next Section” button twice to exit the application.
  9. Save and continue past the Application section of the upload screen and you will be taken to a section where you may upload any study attachments you may have. If you do not have any study attachments, skip to #11 below.
  10. Click the gray button that says: "Add Multiple Documents” and upload the attachments. Select “Save Record(s)” when you have finished. You should now see the documents listed under the gray bars in Section 1200 - Upload Support Documents.
  11. Save and continue and select the “Signoff and Submit” button. Input your 4x4 and password, select the “Approve” button, and select “Save Signoff”.


This will route the submission to our office for determination. If it is determined that IRB review and approval is not required, you will receive email correspondence with an attached outcome letter confirming this determination. If it is determined that  IRB review and approval is required, you will receive the emailed outcome letter from iRIS and a stipulation requesting a change to the application type (from Determination of Human Research Worksheet to full study application).