Drafting the Reliance Agreement

Drafting the Reliance Agreement

The OUHSC PI will work with the outside IRB to draft the reliance agreement. If the agreement requires the insertion of local context information, please contact the HRPP Office for assistance.

The reliance agreement is not excuted and finalized until it includes the signatures of all signatory officials and it is routed through OUHSC's Office of Research Administration via SoonerTrack.



Reliance Agreement Templates

When OUHSC will Serve as Reviewing IRB for an Outside IRB

The OUHSC reliance agreement template is used when OUHSC will serve as the reviewing IRB. Please contact the HRPP Office for this template. 


When an Outside IRB will Serve as the Reviewing IRB

The outside IRB may prefer to use their reliance agreement template to draft the reliance agreement when they will serve as the IRB of record.