Integrated Research Information System

IRB Electronic Submission System

How to Connect to iRIS

iRIS is the IRB's electronic submission system, which went live in the Spring of 2012.

Where is iRIS? What is the URL?
iRIS can be accessed at

How Do I Login to iRIS?
Use your OUHSC credentials to login to iRIS.

Tips for logging in:
User ID: enter your OUHSC username using all lowercase letters
Password: case sensitive

Avoid the following special characters in your password:
<   >   [   ]   {   }   '   "   ;   :

Internet Browsers:

The current version of iRIS is compatible with Internet Explorer , Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.
NOTE: Safari is not a compatible browser at this time. Please download a different browser, such as Chrome, if you are a Mac user. Otherwise, please access iRIS from a PC to use a compatible browser.

iRIS Account Information

Current OUHSC/OU Faculty, Staff, Students, Residents, etc.: 
Please contact the IRB office at 405-271-2045 or if you are unable to login to iRIS or you cannot be found in iRIS to be added as key study personnel to a study. 

Affiliate Institutions:
You will not be able to login to iRIS if you are employed by an OUHSC affiliate institution and do not have OUHSC/OU credentials.  
To obtain an OUHSC/OU IT Account, send an email to and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of Your Institution 

OUHSC Affiliate Institutions:

  • VAMC Muskogee
  • Dean McGee Eye Institute (DMEI)
  • Oklahoma Foundation for Digestive Research (OFDR)
  • OU Medical Center
  • Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute - Tulsa (OCSRI)

Is the Determination of Human Subject Research Worksheet in iRIS?

 Yes, the Determination of Human Subject Research Worksheet is available in iRIS. The Determination Worksheet is a sub-form of the IRB application.

 Follow these initial steps to access the Determination Worksheet:

  • Login to iRIS
  • Click on Add a New Study under the Study Assistant tab on the left side of your screen
  • Select the HSC Application and click the 'Start Application' button.
  • Complete Sections 1.0 - 3.0 of the application
  • Select the Determination of Human Subject Research Worksheet in Section 4.0
  • You will access the Determination Worksheet in Section 5.0 of the application
  • Complete the Determination Worksheet, go back to the application, and click Save and Continue to proceed through the last section of the application until you get to the signoff and submit screen
  • Complete the signoff and submit screen by approving the submission, entering your userID and password, and clicking Save Signoff. <-- this last step ensures that your worksheet has been submitted to the IRB.


Click here to access additional FAQs regarding iRIS.

Other help documents and submission process guides are available in iRIS:

  • Click Operating Procedures under the My Assistant Tab; or
  • Click Help in the top right corner

Help documents and guides will be listed under Section 4 of the Operating Procedures/Help in iRIS.


iRIS Training Opportunities

** - Monday, October 1, 2018

**iRIS Training Update**

iRIS trainings have been postponed for the Fall. Please contact the IRB office at 405-271-2045 for assistance navigating iRIS. 


Users can access updated training materials & help documents in iRIS via the following:
  • Help link in the upper right hand corner - see Section 06, Reference Materials - Investigator.
  • My Assistant Tab --> Operating Procedures --> Section 06, Reference Materials - Investigator.