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Deans and Administrative Heads Responsibilities

Deans and Administrative Heads coordinate compliance with policies and regulations for their respective divisions.

They are responsible for:

  • Complying with and enforcing the OU Hazard Communication Program for their respective areas (such compliance may be facilitated through the appointment of Designated Coordinators)
  • Completing and maintaining chemical inventory lists for all hazardous chemicals present in non-laboratory spaces
  • Assuring the availability and maintenance of relevant SDSs for all hazardous chemicals present in non-laboratory spaces
  • Assuring that all employees receive appropriate hazard communication and safety training
  • Coordinating medical treatment and reporting requirements for injuries and exposures to employees
  • Reporting any known potentially hazardous exposures to employees, taking action to ensure employees receive appropriate medical attention, and ensuring that required documentation is completed and forwarded to the appropriate campus Human Resources department.
  • Assuring that performance evaluations include an evaluation of employee behavior toward safety and have completed required safety training.
  • Assuring that disciplinary action is taken when employees do not comply with safety measures (this is actually spelled out in the Hazard Communication Standard, i.e. state law, but disciplinary action must follow the standard University Positive Discipline protocol)