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EHSO Rights and Responsibilities

The EHSO is the guiding authority at OU for safety and health issues.

The EHSO is responsible for:

  • Auditing campus compliance
  • Conducting training, maintaining training files, and assisting with departmental training programs
  • Providing technical assistance, including SDSs to personnel departments
  • Maintaining the master chemical inventory and storing employee exposure data for at least 40 years
  • Providing chemical information to OU Police or Campus Security and local fire departments
  • Reviewing accident and injury reports and determining the appropriate response action
  • Reviewing employee-reported unsafe or unsure conditions, determining the appropriate response action, and recommending corrective action where appropriate
  • Submitting required permits, other environmental, occupational health and safety compliance reports, and documentation in a timely manner to the appropriate regulatory agency

In addition to these responsibilities, OSHA requires the University to maintain both employee exposure records and employee health records under several OSHA standards.

The EHSO is responsible for maintaining employee exposure records, while Employee Health is responsible for maintaining employee health records.

If you have any questions or would like access to any of these records, contact the appropriate office.