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While supervisor responsibilities may vary depending on the type of work the employees perform, all supervisors are responsible for a safe environment in their work areas, including tasks such as:

  • Complying with and enforcing university policy, observing all safety rules and regulations, and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when required
  • Encouraging and actively supporting employee involvement in workplace safety
  • Ensuring that appropriate safety equipment and PPE are provided in appropriate sizes and types, are readily available, and are in a usable condition
  • Ensuring that employees use PPE properly, that employees demonstrate an ability to use PPE properly before allowing them to perform work requiring the use of PPE, and identifying and retraining employees whom the supervisor believes do not have the understanding and skill required to properly use the required PPE
  • Assuring the availability, accuracy, and placement of all required labels, signs, or placards for their work areas
  • Ensuring that all employees under their direction receive appropriate safety training as required by this policy and other OSHA or Oklahoma Department of Labor rules and regulations
  • Assuming responsibility for visitors within their assigned areas, requiring that they follow the same rules as employees, and ensuring they are escorted or supervised at all times
  • Reporting accidents and assisting with accident investigations
  • Performing routine surveillance of assigned work areas to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance, and taking appropriate action if hazards are identified
  • Ensuring that good housekeeping practices are maintained in assigned work areas